Barry Givens

Barry Givens

About Barry

Barry Givens is a dynamic entrepreneur and technology innovator, widely recognized for his work to bring parity to the innovation economy. He was the founder and CEO of Monsieur, an innovative company that developed one of the first robotic bartending systems, a groundbreaking invention that blended advanced technology with the art of mixology. Barry raised over $4M while building an impressive roster of customers including sports arenas, hotels, and movie theaters before licensing his technology to Napa Technology in 2017.

Beyond his entrepreneurial ventures, Givens is also deeply involved in the venture capital space. He served as a Managing Director at Techstars, a global platform for investment and innovation, where he focused on identifying, mentoring, and investing in promising social impact startups, with a special emphasis on supporting underrepresented founders. In 2019, he co-founded Collab Capital, a venture capital fund dedicated to investing in the building blocks of Black prosperity. Collab Fund I was $51M and has invested in 36 promising Black led companies across the US. 

Givens' journey in the tech industry is marked by his dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion. Understanding the challenges faced by underrepresented groups in technology and entrepreneurship, he has become a vocal advocate for increasing Black representation in these sectors. He frequently speaks on topics related to tech entrepreneurship, equitable economic development, diversity, and inclusion, sharing his insights and experiences to inspire and empower others.

A graduate of Georgia Tech, where he honed his skills in mechanical engineering, Givens' background has been instrumental in his success as a tech entrepreneur. His leadership and contributions to technology and entrepreneurship have been recognized by various industry awards and acknowledgments. Barry is on the Board Directors at Invest Atlanta where he serves as the Treasurer and Chair of the Economic Development Committee. As a mentor, investor, and advocate, Barry Givens continues to be a pivotal figure in shaping a more diverse and inclusive future in technology and business.

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