We believe that Investors invest in people and ideas they are familiar with and understand. In order to increase the number of Black founders who receive funding, we have to increase the number of investors who look like them, grew up like them, are from the same neighborhoods, etc. 

Most of the wealth creation in the Black community is first generation and has been accrued through non-technical industries such as real estate, construction, finance, entertainment, sports, etc. Lack of history in the tech investing space and low comfort level with existing investment models, has led to a lack of activity by Black accredited investors.  In order to increase participation among this group, we have developed strategies to help simplify their decision making and new investment vehicles created with Black investors in mind.

Our primary goal is to increase opportunities to build wealth through entrepreneurship and positively impact our community as a result. Collab will also engage educational/governmental institutions to ensure proper infrastructure and pipelines are in place to support the growth of black tech entrepreneurship over time.


Leadership Team


Barry Givens


Jewel Burks


Justin Dawkins