Our story

Becoming the investors we never had

Collab Capital was founded by three experienced founders, operators, and investors who collectively decided to solve the problem of capital access for Black entrepreneurs.

Our mission

Laying the foundation toward economic parity

Our perspective is that by investing in great Black founders and helping them grow and scale their businesses, we have a unique opportunity to set the foundation for wealth creation in Black communities.

Our Values

What Sets Us Apart



We believe in creating a safe space for Black founders voices to be heard and empowering them to bring their unique experiences and perspectives to the forefront of innovation.



We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards and establishing trust and transparency within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.



We believe in empowering Black founders with the knowledge and insights necessary to make informed decisions and build successful businesses.



We seek to challenge and transform traditional norms, systems, and barriers, enabling Black founders to bring innovative solutions to market and create meaningful change in their industries.


Distance Traveled

We celebrate the resilience of Black founders, and support their journey to achieve remarkable growth, and make significant contributions in the entrepreneurial landscape.



We strive to create a supportive network of Black founders, investors, and industry professionals, fostering collaboration, mentorship, and collective growth to uplift the entire ecosystem.

establishing economic parity

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