A dynamic set of founders committed to creating a new capital institution for Black entrepreneurs.

A New Capital Stack — Efficient Financial and Social Capital

Most of the wealth creation in the Black community is first generation and has been accrued through non-technical industries such as real estate, construction, finance, entertainment, sports, and others. Lack of entrepreneurial experience in the technology sector and lower risk tolerance in modern investment models, leaves many investors with a slim appetite for higher-risk technology investments. In order to increase participation among this group, we simplify their decision making process with new investment vehicles.

Our mission is to establish an institution that provides a viable pathway to sustained wealth for the Black community. We establish this pathway by investing in tech and tech-enabled companies through efficient capital and effective connections between Black innovators, investors, and influencers.

Our Founders — The Capital Entrepreneurs

A trusted group of experienced operators dedicated to building the capital stack of the future.

Justin Dawkins, Managing Partner

Justin is a successful entrepreneur and full stack developer with nearly 20 years of experience. As co-founder of Goodie Nation, he has helped over 30 entrepreneurs launch their tech-enabled social impact businesses.

Jewel Burks, Managing Partner

Jewel founded Partpic, a visual recognition company, which sold to Amazon in 2016. Since the acquisition, Jewel has invested in several early stage startups and 2 funds. Jewel currently serves as Head of Google for Startups, US.

Barry Givens, Managing Partner

Barry founded Monsieur where he raised over $4MM in capital from a mixture of traditional VC Funds, professional athletes and corporate executives. He licensed his IP to a leading adult beverage dispenser manufacturer. Barry currently serves as Managing Director for Techstars Social Impact Accelerator.

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